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The Rosendale Street Fest is this weekend, and I have a booth there! Its FREE!!! and there will be bands including pitchfork militia and ncm.

July 19th Saturday 12pm - 10pm
July 20th Sunday 12pm - 6pm

for details and band schedule go to

PS. Say No to Crossroads at New Paltz and say Yes to the New Paltz Community we know and love!

Much love,

Upcoming events where I will be selling

I will be selling at a two-house yard sale on West Center St. on Sat and Sun June 28th and 29th from 10am- 5pm. So I will be selling some regular garage sale stuff as well as my handmade stuff.
(its the dead end side of center st not the middle school side - let me know if you need directions)

Rosendale Street Fest on Sat July 19th 12pm - 10pm and Sun. July 20th. 12pm - 6pm Its free!
Lots of bands performing
I will be vending my wares there so come and check it out!
I will post here and on communities when I will be selling at places or events.  Right now it looks like I will be selling at a two house yard sale on West Center St. on Sat and Sun June 28th and 29th.  So I will be selling some regular garage sale stuff as well as my handmade stuff.

After that my next scheduled appearance is hopefully going to be the Rosendale Street Fest on Sat and Sun July 19th and 20th.  I just sent the checks and application so hopefully I will hear back on that soon.

More details to come on both of those events soon.

I will also make sure to update of I post new items on etsy..com

much love
After years of making things and saying I was going to sell them, I have finally done it.

I have loved working with beads ( i really like shiny things) since my friend got me into it in 7th grade.

Later in life after being an environmentalist I have become obsessed with the idea or reusing materials, and reducing waste and never throwing away anything that can be reused.

I also really really love to decorate things. So in as many creative ways as I can I will be combining both of these obsessions by decorating reusable things.

Not everything I make is made from reusable materials, right now only the candle holders and the books are mostly made from reusable materials.

Some of the bags are made from old clothing, some of the beads are from old jewelry discovered at the salvation army or garage sales that were terribly hideous however had some nice beads that could be used. some of the materials I have used in the bags and beads are items that others were going to discard, beads or jewelry, clothing or fabric that was going to be thrown out and wasted instead of made into something great.

My friends are all pretty well trained now to consult me before throwing anything away that I might possible make into something or decorate with. Tissue paper from gift bags, paper gift or grocery bags, small glass jars etc.  

So some parts of some of the other items are reused but mostly the beads and yarn and cloth are still in their virgin materials states. Oh well you can't win them all.

I will continue my search for things that can be decorated, reused, turned into new things.

I have been toying with the idea or making beads to be mixed with the glass beads out of reused items or materials. We will see what I can come up with.

If you are on myspace:
myspace.com/misfitmanda_etsy_com  add me!

If you are on facebook:
Misfitmanda's Shop at Etsy.com join the global group

PS. All orders will come with a handmade, wearable, promotional item, perhaps a keychain, or a patch made from reused fabric, or anything I may invent in the future. This is come at no additional shipping and handling cost. I have right now limited amounts of keychains (they were from a make you own key chain kit that someone was going to throw away! Gasp!) So feel free to request a keychain (while they last) or a patch.

Just send me a message when you order. Or include it on a scrap piece of paper when you send the payment.
Misfitmandas Shop at etsy.com
I make all handmade and mostly one of a kind items from jewelry to recycled material notebooks, to bags and more.

To check out my stuff for sale, go to www.etsy.misfitmanda.com

Add my shop as a friend on myspace
If you are on facebook join the global group Misfitmanda's Shop at Etsy.com

Let your friends know about my shop at etsy.com! Thanks!